2010. 8. 2.

Walkday 15

Walking with Heidi Nikolaisen near Mehringdamm and making Memorabilia.

Walkday 14

Walking with Matthew Antezzo at kottbusser tor and following the street  light by the canal.

2010. 7. 24.

Walkday 13

Walking with Myungsun from Korea staying in Berlin as a visiting professior in Architecture's Department in Berlin University.

2010. 7. 23.

Walkday 12

        American Coffee facory across the canal behind the statue.

 women in head scarves covered with trees -right next to the statue.

Walking with Tom:

Tom Took me to this Memorial Monument erected in 2003 at the Britz district canal in Berlin Treptow-Köpenick borough.  Not extravagant Monumet for Chris Gueffroy who was named as a last person tried to escape from east berlin to west berlin in 1989. we took the bus 246 at Hermanssstr station towards Britzer allee on the corner of hermannstr and silbersteinstr until the very last stop.then we walked into Britzer allee and crossed the bridge, right at the end of the bridge we walked down onto that pedestrian road.

Walkday 11

Walkign with Patrick originally from France:

Patrick took me to Marzhan-very east Berlin. walked on the street called Cosmos in English. there are two building compeletely empty.  apparently you can rent for about 1.5 Euro per square meter. walked on the street called Cosmos in English. and the Kino-Sojus which used be Patrick's favorite cheapest cinema in Berlin but now it is closed. 

and met a man with the hobby inside the store. his hobby seemed too Professional. his aquariums are full of all types of tropical fishes. actually they are travelled from Thailand according to his introduction.

and Patrick took me a secondhandshop in Marzhan known for selling lots of goods from  GDR era. and we walked to "Global Garden" where Seoul garden is built as a gift from the city of Seoul.

2010. 7. 19.

Walkday 10

Walking with Tom and Johny from England.

Abandoned "Ghost" Listening Sation in west Berlin.
accidental spying museum.
remnants of former American Radar Station-can't help thinking of a spy women from North Korea with Kal 858.

2010. 7. 18.

Walkday 10

Walking with Åsa from Jannowitz Brücke to Strausberg Platz to trace her old studio in Berlin back in 10 years ago. (more pics will be posted with sound)
Karl Marx Alle with this fomer GDR' Police car on the pedestrain of the avenue.

Walkday 9

Walking with Bettian and Alexandra, Tiergarten Hansaviertel, Berlin:

In between Places.
Tracing back to the old spot and following the idea on the authenticity of Netheland.
Where is the place look like Netheland without being there?

  walkday9_0 Berlin by walkerstories 

2010. 7. 17.

Walkday 8

Walking with Kristine from Oslo and Tom from Berlin:
This is abandoned "ghost" Amusement Park almost accidental museum 
where she visited once when she was in Berlin last time.  
after a good walking along the river Spree we managed to get in through a hole in the fence. 
no need to climb over the fence. 
what we did was  very illegal and took the risk of being caught. 
unfortunately we were thrown out after a good 20min or even less. 
cant remember. 
Rotten mouse was still alive not dead yet. 
It is located in the middle of Treptow Park in the suburban district in Berlin. 
This one's not open anymore. 
It is the only former GDR" the amusement center until 1989.

2010. 7. 16.

Poland #2

Walking along the Vietnamese Marcket in Warsaw.